The "writing" section is where you'll find...well...stuff I write. I don't write often though, unlike many regular bloggers. I find it tough to sit down and write about something every day. Frankly, my life isn't interesting enough for me to do that. But when I do come across something that makes me think, I get pretty involved in the writing. Once I start, I generally don't stop till I've finished writing whatever it is I had in my head, and I tend to forget what time it is while I'm at it. So, for example, I've just discovered that it's 4:43 AM on a weekday. Crap!

Anyway, the first entry in the writing section is to do with my love for Physics, titled "Why I love Physics, and exist to be able to do so..."

I often day-dream about theories related to Superstring theory, for example, imagining strange things, that are kind of hard to describe. Very often I have found that something I thought about / figured out, actually turned out to be right after all. While this may be the first entry to do with Physics, it will probably not be the last. Given how interesting I find the subject, and since I write only about things I find interesting, you'll probably see quite a few more articles to do with Physics from time to time, that may talk about some of these day-dreams of mine.

Over time, as I continue to write, the articles in the writing section will tend to fall into clear categories, based on my interests. Once there are sufficient articles up on the site to start formally categorizing them, you'll probably find a couple of new controls on the site to help you sort through the articles and find the ones you want. I also plan to incorporate some way for you to rate articles and share them with your friends on facebook. Until then, happy reading!