Current WIP and planned changes
  • Alternate light skin for the site
  • Permalinks displayed for each article
  • Facebook "Recommend" button for each article
  • AJAX image loading for all large images used in articles
  • An "About the Roach" section
  • A rating system for users to rate content on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Overhaul of the "recent stuff" widget logic
Recent Changes
17th Jan 2011
Open Graph metadata for newsfeed enabled
In keeping with the plan to transition the newsfeed section to a blog section, Open Graph metadata is now loaded for articles in the newsfeed too.
13th Jan 2011
Newest Content Index Fetching implemented
All pages now fetch the index for the latest content in all the other sections on the site, and append it to the navigation hyperlinks. Page URLs will always be accurate now for sharing directly.
15th Nov 2010
Recent activity feed included
A widget displaying recent friend activity on the site, such as likes and shares on Facebook is now part of all content pages on the site.
11th Sep 2010
Art section opened
The Art section opens with its first 3 images, and a thumbnail viewer in the right column.
9th Sep 2010
Page navigation made easier with floating links
Jump to Top and Jump to Comments floating links added to all pages. Especially useful on long pages like the ones in the writing section.
8th Sep 2010
Switched to JQuery Tools v1.2.4
Modified all pages to work with the latest version of JQuery Tools. This was needed for a feature in the art section.
6th Sep 2010
Art section test page built
The art section will soon be online. Test page built with Flickr-like image previews.
21st Jun 2010
Open Graph Protocol dynamic metadata loading implemented
The metadata needed to display feed stories correctly when liking/recommending/sharing an article from the writing section on Facebook now gets pulled from the DB along with the corresponding content.
8th Jun 2010
roachLab changelog page comes online
This page. As was originally planned, this is the default page when a user clicks on the roachlab link. Users can see how the site has changed over time here, as well as see changes/features that are planned and currently under development.
23rd May 2010
Open Graph Protocol dynamic metadata load test
Dynamic loading of Open Graph metadata, required for correctly displaying feed stories in Facebook when someone likes something on the site has been tested successfully. This will be implemented on all content pages shortly. The DB structure has been altered to include this metadata for each article.


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