Ah. The epic Counter-Strike clan. The anti-pr0s (like anti-heroes, not n00bs). What started as an acknowledgement that once in a while that headshot that just made you feel wretched happened by a complete fluke got very popular amongst a bunch of boys in Bandra. And thus the MatkaKillas were born.

All the MatkaKillas, without exception, were new to CS back then, and found the established pr0s rather retarded. We were also infinitely cooler than them, somehow, despite our awkward n00b-ness. So to go with the coolness, I made us a clan logo, based on the CS headshot icon. It started as a doodle at college, got scanned, enlarged and cleaned up, printed out, touched up with a marker, re-scanned, made a little more symmetric on the computer, got colors and effects added, and then was sprayed on the dead bodies of fallen foes in-game. The end result somehow infuriated said retards/pr0s, severely affecting their game and making us look rather non-n00b in the process.

Created: 3rd Jun 2003