It is a sad day for the Roach. I have decided to stop trying to actively promote the website and its content on Facebook as of this day, the 24th day of the 3rd month of the 11th year of the New Millennium. This decision has been taken because of the perceived and/or real lack of interest I find amongst people in my network on Facebook towards the site and content posted by the Roach on Facebook.

The recent attempt by me to shift the Roach's entire fan-base from the old App site to the new Facebook page can be described as a slow and frustrating process; and the last nail in the coffin. Since I am no fan of slow and frustrating processes, or nails and coffins, I have decided to stop.

In case you are curious about what exactly could be the matter, here it is.

  1. I often found myself having to repeatedly invite people to the new page, but with little effect. How hard can it be to click on a link?
  2. Apart from a select few fans (fewer than the Roach has legs), content posted by me was almost never Liked, commented on, or re-shared by fans amongst their friends, thereby defeating the very purpose of being active on a Social Networking site. How hard can it be to share a link?
Anyway. The Roach, being a highly principled person and a signatory to the Unilateral No-Nagging Doctrine could not continue under the prevailing conditions.

Also, arbitrary changes made by Facebook have made the process of shifting fans and growing the fan base far more difficult than it should be. Their inexplicable decision to hide the crucial "Suggest to Friends" link from fans of a page, and disabling it for page admins, has left the Roach scratching his head for dangerously long durations of time. Amid one of these head-scratching sessions, the Roach also realized that the time and effort spent in this thankless endeavor could well be spent in better ways on more fruitful activities... that he does not care to explain.

Going forward, the Roach will only post links to new content on the site, to update any fans who happen to have Liked the new Facebook page. The Roach will also respond to anything his fans post to this page... Hahah who am I kidding? A post by a fan? Ahahahahahahahahaha... *cough, cough*

That's all folks.

The incredible Roach (not feeling so incredible anymore)